Why Christian Vieri and Bobby Zamora are more similar than you may think

November 4, 2009

Ok, the title may be a bit misleading. Whilst browsing the web I happened upon the Daily Mail video special about poor refereeing. One of which was South Koreas ‘magical run’ in the 2002 world cup. Their run to the semi-finals still irritates me as, being part Italian, I watched as they beat Italy. There were some dodgy decisions against the Italians (not as bad as against the Spanish in the next match though), and a golden goal won it for the South Koreans. Funnily enough Fulham’s very own Seol Ki-Hyeon scored in that match.  The Italians took the defeat with their usual grace. Funnily enough the Korea coach at the time was none other than Gus Hiddink, that lovely guy who helped our neighbours last season. Strangely, during the media love in, nobody mentioned previous luck Hiddink had enjoyed.

The other Fulham Link which I will pull out of this is Christian Vieri’s miss in the game. Have a look at 5.11:

Does this remind you of anything? I think my point is, other than randomly enjoying highlights from previous world cups, that even world class players miss absolute sitters. I know that it has been a few weeks since the Bobby miss, but I happened upon the clip and  thought I would put in my 10 pence.  Random? Yes. Interesting? Maybe.


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