Robbed in Rome: Roma 2-1 Fulham

November 6, 2009


Nevland Red

Unfortunately this was the real story from Rome



A story of frustration. Firstly on my part, unable to watch the game because of job interviews and a family meal in London, I decide to record it, avoid the score and then watch when I got home in the evening. Get home at 11.00pm to find that it hadnt recorded. Great Start.

Decide to look up the score online, not too surprised upon seeing the scoreline, only to be put in a further bad mood after reading ‘9-man fulham’ as part of the headline. Further research online found even the usually balanced and calm Rich of craven cottage newsround incandescent with rage and Dan over at Hammy End in an equally despondent mood.

Watched the highlights, Gutted. I cannot believe that the team that finished last year with the best disciplinary record in the Premier League last season has had 3 red cards in two games against Roma. Not only that we had men sent off but the fact that it undoubtably changed the outcome of the games. We should be through now, instead we are 3rd.

All I can say is fantastic effort from the boys out in Rome. Everything they had in their own hands they dealt with brilliantly. Also, an understated fact, is how well Fulham did to only concede 2 goals to Roma with 10, then 9 men away from home. Roma got VERY lucky with Riise’s goal and Okaka’s was nearly saved by Schwarzer.

Whilst Fulham were extremely unlucky, any talk of conspiracy is foolish. I really do not wish to be associated with those moaning idiots up the road. This was just a poor refereeing performance topped up with bad luck, nothing more. I thought Roy’s post game comments were spot on, he was upset and he has every reason to be, but was still gracious in defeat:

“You cannot be happy in the face of injustice,” said Hodgson. “I accept the situation because the referee makes the decision, but I’m not happy.

“I think the two red cards were very harsh. I didn’t speak to the Referee. I only spoke to the Fourth Official.

“To play in the second half down to 10 men is a bitter pill to swallow.

Well done Roy. He also pointed out that we outplayed them 11 v 11, and I do not think anyone could argue with that.

Next Up, Wigan away. The good news is that Lawrenson  predicts that we will lose.  The bad news is that with the events of the last week, and in fact month, the Fulham players will be emotionally drained. The way we are playing we should beat Wigan, or at least give it a good go. Unfortunately, with our recent run of luck and our recent tough schedule we may struggle. It would be good to see the squad put in 100% on sunday ahead of a 2 week break, but after the recent run of games I think we will struggle. And you certainly cannot blame the players for that.


One Response to “Robbed in Rome: Roma 2-1 Fulham”

  1. Dan Says:

    Very proud of the boys this morning as I’ve said elsewhere. We’ve certainly had a few tough breaks in Europe this season.

    Your family should know by now the importance of the mighty Fulham, though, mate. My mum even watched the game with me – and I think she’s fallen in love with Roy.

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