Some ruminations as I watch France v Ireland extra time…

November 18, 2009

Long time, no post. Mainly due to a new job, and some general laziness.

Trapattoni has made Ireland into a very solid, organised side. To be honest, this is the only way a team like Ireland can get into the World Cup.  If the worst case scenario unfolded at Fulham and Roy Hodgson left at the end of the year (something that I think is extremely unlikely), we could do a lot worse than brining in Trapattoni (a bit speculative perhaps).  Not that that appointment would be welcomed by the many people who are regularly perturbed by Roy’s ‘defensive’ style of play.

Just a quick word on the various contract issues at Fulham. I am not overly worried at this stage. With the steps Fulham have made in becoming a more solidly run football club, it would amaze me if they let Roy slip through their fingers. As for Hangeland and Hughes, nothing at this point would suprise me in terms of players contracts. Both could sign or neither such is the nature of the modern game. Would I be upset? Only if Roy did not sign an extension.

Now to the game tonight. Unlucky Ireland. I really like Thierry Henry but that was inexcusable. The Ref has had an excellent game but there was little chance of him seeing Henry’s handball. Time for a rethink about video replays? The only good news is that Domenech is still in charge of France, meaning they will have an awful world cup, which will be nice to witness. I have to say that it was an even game and Ireland did not deserve to lose, certainly not like that anyway.

more soon




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