Deadline Day: Goodbye Dio

February 1, 2010

Goodbye Dio.  You will always be remembered for your goals against Man City and your outrageous overhead kick against spurs.

This is a strange one for me. Great for Kamara who gets to play regularly in a league that he will probably dominate, but interesting for Fulham for whom Kamara added just that little bit of difference and spice in games. If you break down the reasons for him leaving however, a pretty clear picture emerges:

Positives: Pace, creativity, good cover

Negatives: inconsistent form, nearly 30 and injury prone, not as pacy as people like to think, defensive liability, angling for a move for a while because he was not starting, high wages.

Add to the list  the fact that we appear to have signed Okaka ( who for me has more than a little Dio in him, especially after his goal against siena) and this makes more sense than not. I guess the only real question is why this is only a loan? I suspect the answer is that Celtic are pretty potless, like most scottish clubs.

Goodbye and Good luck Dio, it has been exciting having you.


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