Fulham 2-1 Birmingham

February 21, 2010

I enjoyed this match from the screen of my mobile via a series of updates, so I will keep this short.  I have to admit that seeing Fulham 0-1 down after 3 minutes made me give up on this game. In my head I saw a carbon copy of the game at St.Andrews with Birmingham shutting up shop, but it appears this did not happen.

Fulham were poor first half, looking jaded from midweek exertions and rightly so. Birmingham could have put the game away bar some solid defending and some excellent keeping. I have to say I agree totally with Alex McLeish:

We lost because of two pieces of inspiration from Fulham, the finishes were brilliant. That is the difference in quality that we have to aspire to.

Bang on. Duff’s goal was a real piledriver, but one with pinpoint precision. Zamora’s was an excellent curling free kick which had all the hallmarks of a man on form.

One final word for Alex McLeish. What a true gentleman post match, a hard loss for him to take but took it with grace and continued with his praise of Fulham from previous weeks. I would love to see him at Fulham in the future and if Birmingham spend, underachieve and get restless with McLeish, you never know. Speculation alert: A replacement for Roy in a few years time??


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