Spurs 3-1 Fulham: Close, but no cigar…

March 24, 2010

Well, that is the joy of cup competitions. It is all or nothing, and unfortunately Fulham have walked away with nothing.  I felt that the scoreline flattered Spurs to be honest. Fulham had won the first half and were looking to consolidate in the second, but Spurs took their chances and here we are.

The game started fairly anonymously with both sides feeling each other out. Fulham looked very comfortable hustling a sleepy Spurs side off the ball and putting together some very good passing moves. The WHL crowd was silent and all that was coming through on the TV was the noise of the Fulham fans singing their hearts out, tucked away in the corner.  And it was Fulham who took the lead after a good spell of play. With Duff running through the centre at the defence, Zamora cut inside from the right hand side, pointed to where he wanted the ball and received a slide rule pass from Duff. If anyone had any remaining worries about Zamora’s composure in front of goal they were swept aside as he took the ball in his step and hit a beautiful curling finish into the bottom left hand corner around the outstretched Gomes. A very well worked move against one of the best defences in the premier league and Fulham were in front. This seemed to galvanise Spurs who started attacking with more purpose with Schwarzer saving a good backheeled effort from Eidur GudJohnsen at his near post.

Half time came and went and it was obvious that Redknapp was not going to let his team produce another fairly insipid performance in the second half. They came out fired up and with added impetus from the two new additions at half time in the form of Huddlestone and Bentley. And it was Bentley who was going to have the decisive impact on the match. Kelly gave away a foul near the touchline as he upended Bale, and Bentley stepped up and curled a cross in that avoided the crowded area and found itself in the net. There were questions of offside as Corluka looked to be distracting Schwarzer but the goal stood and Spurs were off and running. It was fairly obvious that Fulham were in for a battering for the remainder of the half, and it was a question on whether Fulham could nick a goal on the break. When Corluka went off with an ankle injury I thought that Fulham might have a chance, but on came Roman Pavlyuchenko and he was to be the real difference.

Spurs started dominating and with the improvement in the quality of the crossing, it was only a matter of time before another chance fell spurs way. Bentley crossed deep to the back post, Pavlyuchenko peeled off of Kelly, who missed his header by inches, and powered home a fierce left foot volley.  Before Fulham could settle and try to regroup, Spurs struck again. Modric poked a ball through to Gudjohnsen who took it round a flailing Schwarzer and passed it into an empty net. Game Over. Roy made changes, bringing on Okaka and Dempsey but it was too late. The game petered out with no real meaningful chances at either end and Spurs progress.

Fulham haven’t really had the rub of the green against Spurs this season, but Spurs deserved to win as they took their chances and controlled the game when it mattered.

A few other thoughts from the game:

1) Bentley was never man of the match. His first goal was almost as fortuitous as the one against Fulham in the league and whilst his assist for the second goal was decent, it was Pavlyuchenko who turned it into an excellent goal. Other than that he looked very average, mainly because he had absolutely no pace.

2) I hope Spurs go on and win the damn trophy now. If they lose to Chelsea in the Final then I don’t think I could forgive them. I will certainly now be throwing the weight of my support behind them now.

3) Kelly should not be scapegoated. Yes he did not play outstandingly, but if Baird had played at right back then Bale would have had even more of a field day.

4) I generally don’t believe that the media is out to get us, but the commentary in the second half with the commentators drooling over Spurs was quite offputting. There was none of the same for Fulham in the first half, just ‘that was a good passing move’ etc. etc.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, A win away at Hull would be nice, and then the real fun against Wolfsburg.


13 Responses to “Spurs 3-1 Fulham: Close, but no cigar…”

  1. Jay Spurs Says:

    Not sure if I agree with the commentary comment .. i thought they praised Fulham very well first half..
    Hopw you guys get an English even better London clud to the European Cup Final too .. means only a few weeks without footy til world cup

  2. YidoTillIDie Says:

    Fair write up. I’m a big fan of Fulham and will be cheering you all the way in the Europa cup. Great to have some quality English teams like Fulham, Villa and ourselves finally making an impact.

    Great game, superb atmosphere.


  3. Ryan Says:

    I agree with most of the article, but the commentating first half was shockingly biased towards Fulham. At times it was pathetic.

  4. gorgeousGeorge Says:


  5. daveyid Says:


  6. daveyid Says:

    is knees have gone all trembley…

  7. Day of the Triffics pt.2 Says:

    What commentary were you listening too? Zamora remaining on the pich after the foul on Bale was fortuitous, shoukd have been down to 10 and the win would have been even more emphatic, Well done Spurs, c’mon, just say it.

  8. n17ment Says:

    zamora was an absolute disgrace, a dirty cunt to be perfectly honest, as was the commentary,

  9. Stoney Says:

    The mighty spurs put your beloved fulham in their place. Please note the spelling of the word ‘their’, and your report reads like it was written by a 5 year old. You got beaten fair and square by a better team. Enjoy what’s left of your season.

  10. SPURSSINCE82 Says:

    Eider should of been motm…for me he easyily was the best footballer on the park. Coys

  11. Ozspur Says:

    Give it a break with the derogratory comments. The article was very dignified. Sorry Fulham fans, we are not all wankers at Spurs and all the best on your Europa Cup run. The win over Juventus will go down in folklore.

  12. Archibald Says:

    Good Luck Fulham,in the Europa league.hope your team win the cup.you deserve it given the amount of fixtures you have slogged your way through this season.rate your manager & would love it if we could get Hangeland off you even if he didn’t stop us last night.

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