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Roy Hodgson’s Star Turn

June 18, 2010

Tuning into BBC One’s coverage of the France v Mexico game last night I was pleasantly suprised to see Roy Hodgson in the pundit hotseat alongside Clarence Seedorf and Alan Shearer. Hodgson outclassed the lot of them. Searing tactical insight that had Shearer mumbling ‘as roy mentioned earlier’ on more than one occasion. Hodgson is not new to TV work having done his fair share in Italy.

My favourite of Roy’s observations was that Carlos Vela was pulling Bakary Sagna inside, leaving Salcido acres of space to create mahem. No one else picked this up of course.

Why the BBC and ITV do not go for more managers as pundits, particularly ones as seasoned as Roy is beyond me. Instead we are left to a cascade of ex-players, many of whom do not have the tactical nouse or bottle to manage, never mind read the game at an interesting level. I would much rather see the likes of Ferguson (unlikely, perhaps), Moyes or O’Neill offering tactical insight than Alan Shearer, Mark Lawrenson or Robbie Earl.