Goodbye Roy and Thanks for the Memories

July 1, 2010

So Roy is now gone. After weeks of speculation Hodgson was confirmed as the boss of Liverpool FC this morning.

I will always consider Hogdson the best Fulham manager of all time. He performed miracles with the club, turning Fulham from perennial relegation candidates (and in the year of his appointment, near certainties for the drop) into a consistent, defensively strong (!!) and cohesive unit, whilst maintaining attractive football and a team first mentality. Anyone who can get Fulham to a European Final will have my respect.

Unfortunately the backlash has already begun. The messageboards are full of screams of ‘Judas’ and ‘Hypocrite’. Many fans believe that Roy has been disloyal to the Fulham cause, some sort of managerial tart who used Fulham for his own ends. This is nonsense. Roy’s silence over the last few weeks has been down to the fact that he was not officially offered the job until this week. People say that he should have been more open, but that would not have helped at all, jeopardising his position both at Fulham and in the managerial race for Liverpool. If you had been lined up for a job that was better paid and more high profile would you walk around your current employers and spout off about it before it was confirmed? Thought not.

An interesting summer period lies ahead for Fulham in terms of finding a new manager, new players and holding on to the players that they already have. The Fulham chronicle is reporting that Fulham might take up to a month to appoint a new manager, which has been met with howls of derision. ‘It’s damaging the club during the important transfer period’ people are screaming. Au contraire, the need to take time with what is probably the most important decision a club can make is crucial. Why rush into the appointment of a manager when there is time to asses the candidates properly? When a company looks for a new CEO there is an average period of six months searching. Football clubs could do well to heed this advice in order to find the perfect appointment rather than the easiest/cheapest/quickest option.

I will post my thoughts on a successor to Roy in due course, but for now all I will do is wish the man well. I would be delighted if he succeeded at Liverpool. After years in the wilderness he is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. Good Luck Roy, and as for Fulham, onwards and upwards.


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